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A collection of arts and images to my liking. Perhaps yours too.

Iʻm a 20-something Hungarian who recently graduated from uni and is still too busy for her own good. I like to pass the time with writing fic and drawing.

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My ridiculous amount of fail has been overcome, and so I present to you the first paragraph of this. Also, I would like to thank all the likes my deranged little experiment got! You are all so amazingly lovely people, and though I have a hard time showing my love and appriciation, it is very much there! <333

falconrune: Iʻm pleased if you found it so! :)

deykae: I am so happy if my art managed to evoke the classic folktales art! I adored that stuff, and I was like, Odin needs to be one of these geometric kings, like right now. Thank you!

Fanfan: Thank you! Iʻm sorry the whole thing got out of hand in the end. :(

blackstormsshadow-theblogger: I-I really, um, Thank you. You are far too kind! <333

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